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Angular Developer

Job Description

  • 3+ years experience required
  • Follow client JavaScript Best Practices Guide
  • Basic understanding of prototypal inheritance
    • Reference model definition to back-end counterpart
  • Follow client Angular Best Practices Style Guide
    • Code blueprints
    • File naming conventions
    • DI Minify-Safe
  • Understand state management using UI-Router 3rd party routing module
  • Understand $http and $q components to make restful calls to:
    • SharePoint SP.js API library
    • ASP.NET Web API’s
  • Understand use of 3rd party libraries
    • AngularUI tools ($modal, etc.)
  • Understand how to use AngularJS’s event handler using $scope and/or $rootScope
  • Understand form validation
  • Understand how to build JavaScript unit tests using Jasmine BDD library
  • Understand Karma test runner framework
  • Understand HTML5 & CSS3 building block principals
    • Will use client’s (Canvas) CSS Standards for UI styling
  • Understand how to build CRUD API method calls
  • Understand Entity Framework Code-First methodology
    • Provisions database creation / modification
  • Proficient using Visual Studio 2015
  • Understanding Agile methodologies and practices required
  • Understand TFS for project management:
    • User Story Navigation
    • Task management
    • Code check-in/out
  • Attend daily stand-up (SCRUM) calls
  • Team participation as different technologies require interaction